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What are Lloydshare Loyalty Rewards?


Lloydshare’s long experience in supporting the Vacation Ownership Industry has provided it with a treasure trove of market research information.  Lloydshare understands, from direct experience, what consumers value, and what keeps them loyal.

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Just as Lloydshare already works in partnership with many independent Timeshare businesses, offering its Loyalty Repayment Plan to valued members, Lloydshare can offer a similar service to other types of business in which loyalty not only deserves reward but can help to keep a business functional over the long term.

Lloydshare believes in rewarding loyalty, just as many companies do, and Lloydshare is ready to work with a range of companies who are keen to explore how Lloydshare can help turn rewarding loyalty into a business advantage.  We are keen to expand outside our present specialisms and help in other types of industry.

There are many businesses out there who can benefit from client loyalty, and who would be happy to reward it, but Lloydshare can take care of the rewarding on your behalf.

Lloydshare’s consultative arm, Lloydshare Consulting, already works to help Vacation Ownership businesses improve and thrive, independently of our loyalty reward programs.  Lloydshare Consulting can examine your business and quickly determine if there is scope to develop a Lloydshare Loyalty Reward Programme to help you.

We seek to be flexible and imaginative in our development of new Loyalty Reward Programs, and have discovered so many ways in which customers can be incentivized to return, to share their personal information willingly, and to build a long lasting relationship with businesses, turning business into a reciprocal arrangement that genuinely improves lives.

Lloydshare believes in sustainable businesses, meaning job security, local development and empowerment.

Lloydshare believes that by promoting client and customer loyalty, the confidence will be built that helps lead to investment and growth.  When a business succeeds, so many people can share in the rewards, not least the customers and clients who can depend on service from a company with which they have an active relationship.

Take a look at our website, here, which explains how Lloydshare has been working for over two decades to support the Vacation Ownership industry with a Loyalty Reward program that incentivizes clients to stay loyal. Consider, if you will, whether such a benefit could be applied to your business, and get in touch with our International Customer Service Team to find out more. Lloydshare Consultancy will be pleased to let you know if yours is a business we believe we can help.

Lloydshare Loyalty Rewards – they can work to your benefit!

On the Lloydshare Consulting Website you will find our three specialisms explained, and these all relate to our core business of supporting Vacation Ownership.  On that website you will find a facility to leave a message for the Consultancy Team, and this is how you can raise with us the idea you have for attaching a loyalty program to your own product – one that is not related to Vacation Ownership.  

Please make sure you begin your message with the words ‘Lloydshare Loyalty Reward referral’ and that will ensure that the team understand the basis for your message, and avoid any mix-ups!  You will hear back from a Lloydshare Agent very soon!